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our team members - startup and impact enthusiasts

varun is the co-founder of 91springboard, one of the biggest coworking communities in India. he conceptualized 91springboard in 2013, a time when the term ‘coworking’ was alien to India. varun is a seasoned builder of new ideas and has founded multiple startups in the fields of real estate, data and finance. one of his startups, myguesthouse — a budget accommodation aggregator, was acquired by makemytrip.

prior to his foray into entrepreneurship, varun worked with goldman sachs in equity research for over five years in the U.S. and India, playing a key role in setting up their operations in bangalore and mumbai.

He graduated in B.S. applied economics & management from cornell university, holds a project management certification for executives from XLRI, and an honorary doctorate for excellence in management from the young scientist university.

aditya - build3 blog


aditya is the director of pennar industries. he has grown the company to become an several thousand crore business.

He has also led pennar's overseas expansion to markets like the united states, and currently manages 13 business verticals — from engineered buildings, to bio-toilets, to warehouses, and automotive parts.

over the years, he has mastered the art of building new businesses. some of them are publicly listed and focused on pre-engineered buildings and water and environmental infrastructure. aditya graduated from cornell university and is an avid investor in new ideas and startups. so, it is not too surprising that he’s a crucial part of build3.

abhimanyu is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing social transformation via collective discourse and innovation. In 2015, he founded SLII, a government-recognised water purification and renewable energy startup. abhimanyu’s expertise lies research and development, innovation and implementation, project consulting, and fostering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to name a few.

he has bagged research grants from the government, a gold medal in engineering, and was chosen for a program by google, along with being selected as one of India’s top 10 social entrepreneurs (2019 by AFI).

One of his current passion projects is writing a book on the science, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. abhimanyu holds degrees in chemical engineering, environmental law and policy, and political science. he comes with a great deal of experience in trials, errors, and failures, which offers a ton of value for the build3 community.

alakshi co-founded TruCup — a positive and green menstruation startup with operations across south asia. deeply aware of the discrimination and challenges menstruating girls face, alakshi wants to make safe, hygienic and eco-friendly menstrual products accessible to all. before setting out as an entrepreneur, alakshi worked with accenture, building critical skills in people management.

But as she searched for meaning outside of her job, she realised her true passion… tapping into the potential of people, especially those that are disadvantaged. this realisation was followed by her joining the Gandhi Fellowship. she went on to work with the Piramal Foundation, where her understanding of the social sector broadened. alakshi is a literature and HR management graduate (XLRI), trained in facilitation for leadership and sexual/reproductive health.

in pursuit of doing (more) good for our society and the planet, alakshi found her way to build3.

charlez is a certified project management professional and is equipped with technical know-how in operations and administration. He comes with experience working on various government projects in the state of kerala.

his project management skills proved to be extremely valuable during his time working at 91springboard, one of the biggest coworking communities in India. along with playing the role of a startup builder at build3, charlez is currently working as a consultant at Ivy Child — an international nonprofit devoted to universal mindfulness education.

he has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

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here's what startup founders say about us

build3 helped us refine our business model. we were allowed the space to explore a much leaner, flexible, and scalable model to launch the company, and we started at a fraction of the cost of what we originally outlined. they also helped us with connections, and we were connected to our first client through build3's network.
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the entire Build3 team has been more than just our investors. they are our partners, friends, and now family whom we confide in.  build3 has been extremely instrumental in helping us find our north star by actively conducting workshops for us and even making sure that we are on the right path by being a major part of our weekly meetings in a few instances, we also needed guidance from certain industry experts, and build3 has gone out of its way to make the connection. to cite an example, during an inflection point in our journey, varun connected us with a friend of his who is a product manager at meta, which played a critical role in our direction post our conversation with him.
ryan oneboard - build3 blog
before build3 came on the scene, that lifestyle coach (TLC) was a sole proprietorship that, like most traditional businesses, lacked structure in its operations and outlook even though we delivered a high-quality product. the first great thing that happened on being incubated by build3 was the incorporation of TLC post which everything the startup started taking shape.

build3 provided me with direction and helped ignite my entrepreneurial spirit by being patient and teaching me the ins and out of building a solid foundation of operation and compliance which is the backbone of building a successful startup. they connected me to the right vendors for my accounts and legal work who have added immense value to our growth.
ashwyn TLC - build3 blog

why do we exist?

most of us know there’s something wrong with how the world operates today.

the growth-at-all-costs model has left a trail of destruction in its wake. we buy stuff we don’t need and overeat, our mental health is in shambles, and our time spent socializing with each other is often spent staring at our phone screens.

our economic engine leaves us on a perpetual hedonistic treadmill, and we never seem to get satiated. we have lost the ability to reflect on how much is enough since the businesses we build constantly focus on fulfilling our desires rather than just meeting our needs (physical, social, psychological, spiritual etc)

we are operating like the proverbial man who cuts the same branch of a tree that he sits on. if he succeeds in cutting it, he fails!

we created build3 as an antidote to today’s mainstream growth model. we clubbed together people who are passionate and formidable at building scalable businesses. we exist to help build impact startups creatively, conscientiously, and through the power of communities.

to reach to a larger community with our intent and message, we established as our blog and article site.

birudo3 private limited
a creative, conscientious, community-empowered startup studio. they hope to bring about a positive change for the mind, body, and earth.

we have built an ecosystem of products, partners, and community that enable early-stage founders to journey from idea to scale.
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